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Autonomous Driving 

Due to technological innovations it is now possible to let a car drive without a driver. This is where the future of mobility is heading. Because the responsibility of the driver is being taken over by the autonomous car, the driver can spend his time on the move on other things. A driver can start working in his car or he or she can play a game or watch a movie. That’s when people need displays. We predict that the automotive display market will grow in the upcoming years, because a display can provide car manufacturers with a platform to meet the needs of the consumer, who wants to be connected with the outside world for work or for entertainment.

Due to technological developments the car is changing in almost every aspect. More and more components will be replaced by electronic or digital components. ‘Drive-by-wire’ and ‘x-by-wire’ are some examples. The automotive functions that used to be based on mechanical solutions are replaced by electronic or electro-mechanic systems. Therefore the interaction with certain functionalities is no longer bound by mechanical actuators. Nowadays, car functions like radio and climate regulation are programmed in just a little chip. The interaction with such components is still mostly done by physical buttons and switches, but they might as well be handled via a multifunctional rotary button, a touch button on a display or simply via gesturing or voice control. 

Change in display functionality

Change in display functionality

The perception of traveling will change and so will the functionality of automotive displays. Displays will no longer only be components that send information. They will be prominently featured in the interior design, as this is were all communication between human and machine will happen. 

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