The design of the car determines the appearance of the screen. Autonomous cars of the future will demand highly integrated display solutions. When it is possible to create all different kinds of curves into the display, it will open huge design possibilities. For example, A-to-A pillar and curved displays that basically combine the passenger and driver displays.

​Free shape and curved

​Free shape and curved

Free-shape displays are able to follow the design of the car interior, smoothly integrating displays into the dashboard of the future. C and S-curved displays enable the use of more organic forms, instead of flat square surfaces.

Size increase

Size increase

A-to-A pillar displays that are merging the passenger and the drivers’ screens, while maintaining high image quality of Telecom displays. 

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The 4I’s of Innovation

Innolux has identified four pillars of innovation:

  • Interaction

    Creation of high innovating interactive display solutions.

  • Image

    The best experience with realistic high quality display imaging.

  • Integration

    Seamless integrations in the next generation interior designs.

  • Industrialisation

    Industry 4.0 makes it possible to produce small series on a big scale.